Ritz Upholstered Bed

  • Curved solid oak trim: The elegant curved trim adds a touch of sophistication and refined detail to your bedroom.
  • Full panel headboard: The full panel headboard creates a clean, contemporary aesthetic and provides a comfortable backrest while reading or relaxing in bed.
  • Customizable: All dimensions and details are customizable.  We offer a variety of stain and finish options to create a bed that perfectly complements your existing décor.

Elevate your sleep sanctuary with the timeless elegance of this custom-crafted solid oak bed frame. Designed to seamlessly integrate with adjustable bed bases, this bed offers both style and ultimate comfort. This bed frame was specifically designed to work with adjustable bed but it can be done with the regular platform.

  • Timeless design: This classic bed frame with its curved oak trim will never go out of style.
  • Creates a focal point: The elegant design of this bed frame will make a statement in your bedroom.


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